Article featuring ICRN members Matteo Spano (Cashmere Radio, DE) and Ieva Gudaitytė (University of Oslo, NO) in conversation with Lucia Udvardyova (Easterndaze, DE) on subjects of Resistance, Solidarity and Responsibility – the topic of the wider radio festival ‘EASTERNDAZE ON AIR: COMMUNITY RADIO SPECIAL’ (2022.12.08) that brought together 12 radios and initiatives from across Central and Eastern Europe.

“Matteo Spano: The radio network emerged from the previous edition of Easterndaze, and thus through Lucia’s contacts and willingness to put together similar projects across Central and Eastern Europe. Following the exchange in 2021, contacts were maintained and on several occasions more specific collaborations took place (such as solidarity broadcasts with Ukraine following the outbreak of war). With ICRN (which in turn is already a network of different radio stations, IDA in Tallinn/Helsinki, Palanga Street Radio in Vilnius, Tirkultura in Riga), there was also a recent meeting involving Cashmere, last September, in which the topic of international (and translocal) collaboration between different radio projects was addressed. It can therefore be said that, in different formations but with similar intentions, the different radios have continued to develop relations with each other. This edition of Easterndaze is a further example of this type of collaborative practice.”

Read the full article on Kaput-Mag (DE) here.

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