Tīrkultūra is an interdisciplinary contemporary culture platform working mainly through the medium of sound. that is a listener-powered, non-commercial, and non-profit online radio station, based in Riga, Latvia.

Tīrkultura started in 2015 as a radio show founded by fashion designer Rolands Pēterkops, sound artist Reinis Semēvics and musician, composer Jānis Šipkēvics and from March 2020 became available as an independent and listener-supported 24/7 radio station, which means no ads or sponsored content.

Tīrkultura does not belong to any existing public radio networks, but you can hear us on LR3 weekly as a Tirkultūra Radio Show. Their streaming radio platform is available live, free of charge, over the web, 24/7. You can tune-in anytime, and find unexpected sounds, curated mix-tapes, poetry readings, sound collages, curated interviews with 21st-century composers, artists, and personalities from contemporary art, field recordings, and live streams from Tirkultūra and our partner’s events, etc.

Tīrkultūra covers a broad spectrum of music genres – classical, electronic, spoken-word, soundscapes, contemporary, rap, ambient, rock, experimental, folk, drone. Their mission is to enrich and inspire the development of culture in latvia and showcase the art of sound in the context of contemporary art.

Tirkultūra is also recognised as a producer of live visual sound sessions in the form of white wall concert sessions presented at partnership venues in Latvia, as well as a biannual series of unexpected sources. both events aim to merge visual art with the art of sound opening up the platform to local and international artists.

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