Seyðisfjörður Community Radio 107.1

Seydisfjordur Community Radio 107.1 is a shared digital and analogue broadcasting platform located in the village of Seyðisfjörður on the east-coast of Iceland – hosted, nurtured and initiated by an open-ended international community inhabiting different conditions and positions, often somewhat distributed in various locations on the planetary surface. From these places and timezones we share, we inquire and we keep in touch – over and through radio. 

The community of listeners, broadcasters and hiding places morphs changes with time – some could say quite the foggy operation. Please consider this fog an open invitation to get in touch if you are interested in holding the radio in some way, even if just for a short while. We will do our best to include everyone who is interested in contributing and/ or listening in.

In 2025, Seydisfjordur Community Radio 107.1 and the LungA School will start an ongoing experiment around an open arts-program holding and facilitating itself through and via radio-transmission. A school community and work-group geographically dispersed, connected and collaborating within the radio as medium. A chrome ear singing to an open palm.

You can get in touch here:

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