Lahmacun Radio is an online music-and-beyond radio from Budapest founded in 2018 and covering different subcultures of the capital city of Hungary. Lahmacun radio also involves numerous international show hosts, such as from Brussels, Edinburgh, Berlin, San Francisco, Belgrade, and others. Also, Lahmacun radio has had cooperations with other web radios such as with Periszkóp Rádió (Hungary), Radio Kapital (Poland), Cashmere radio (Germany), IDA radio (Estonia) and others.

Lahmacun radio’s studio is located inside the Kazán community and project hub, a space located in the 8th district of Budapest, on the edge of a former factory, in a multi-cultural neighbourhood of the city. Kazán gives a home to various culturally and socially active projects dealing with media, art, economy, sport and even a kindergarten. Lahmacun is also a neighbour (in spirit and locality) with Gólya, a pivotal cultural space and a venue in Budapest, where most Lahmacun radio events had taken place in the past. 

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