New Project: Morning Air


As of Monday, a new ICRN affiliated project kicks off with a broadcast by Tīrkultūra. Morning Air is a content-sharing initiative between five community radios, supporting the growth of live daytime broadcasts and the creation of a transnational listenership between stations.

“Enjoy a fresh breeze of Morning Air; a new weekday show brought to you by five community radios. Each morning, one radio will take-over the broadcast to bring you new local contexts from their corner of Europe – Berlin, Budapest, Riga, Helsinki, Vilnius.

Join us from 8:30 CEST / 9:30 EEST starting Monday 22nd May!

Schedule: Mon, Tīrkultūra; Tues, Lahmacun Radio; Weds, Palanga Street Radio; Thurs, IDA Helsinki; Fri, Cashmere Radio”

Supported by Nordisk Kulturfond / Design by Studio Cryo

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