ICRN at European Lab (BE)


In collaboration with Sphera Network, members of ICRN Samantha Lippett and Linas Cekanavicius took part in European Lab at Nuits sonores festival (12 – 16 October, 2022). They contributed towards the panel discussion ‘Connecting, exchanging, becoming stronger: the role of networks for independent media’ alongside Gunta Sloga (Baltic Centre for Media Excellence, LV) and Anastasia Vaitsopoulou (Popaganda, GR).

‘In a context of the strong concentration of national media landscapes, the need to establish links between independent media in Europe is more important than ever. This need can also be seen at the local level, where such connections are being established, for example Media.21 in Belgium. Other synergies between media can be seen at the European level, such as the Independent Community Radio Network union of web radios that brings together several organisations that share the same vision, and work through this new project to create shared dynamics of programming and exchanges, from Vilnius, Riga, Helsinki and Tallinn. In the East of the continent, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has accentuated the need for solidarity between media, as Gunta Sloga from the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence, based in Riga, will testify at this meeting.’

The recording is available on Spotify, Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

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