The Independent Community Radio Network (ICRN) connects and supports like-minded community radios with the shared goal of establishing a more sustainable and long-term future for the field.

ICRN’s activity responds to common values that focus on building local and trans-local communities; maintaining independence and cooperation as an essential tool to empower our future(s).

ICRN make their activity public to break competitiveness in creative media practice; encourage cross-influencing and to support the professional development of others within independent media.

ICRN was co-founded by community radios from the Baltic-Nordic region in 2022, and has expanded its reach internationally through involvement in festivals, talks, co-broadcasts and events. The network have collaborated with many established independent media actors across Europe including Resonance FM (UK), NTS Manchester (UK), Le Guess Who? Festival, and Reset! Network (BE).

ICRN’s networking activity has been made possible through the generous support of Nordic Culture Point. The network became a registered not-for-profit organisation based in Lithuania in 2024.