Independent Community Radio Network (ICRN); a new international initiative connecting like-minded radios for knowledge sharing and professional development opportunities with the common goal of establishing more sustainable futures in the field.

The founding members are Palanga Street Radio (Vilnius), IDA Radio (Helsinki, Tallinn) and Tīrkultūra (Riga). Our radios share a community focus and the common value of maintaining independence to foster supportive environments for the production and sharing of music and culture, locally and online.

ICRN will meet this summer for joint activities across our respective cities to establish our long-term goals, create public audio resources and host members of our partner radios: Resonance FM (London), NTS (Manchester) and Cashmere Radio (Berlin).

Palanga Street Radio (PSR) is a young and growing DIY community radio based in Vilnius, Lithuania who have been making sound splashes on the internet oceans since 2017.

Our mission is to create a networking-arts platform for music lovers and to foster a colourful and garshful cultural environment locally in Lithuania, and digitally online.

We stream 24/7 daily a combination of live shows, pre-records and selections from our growing archive on

We love to collaborate and always open to new ideas, mixes, shows and cover art.

Currently we rely on our personal funds and donations from our patrons to maintain the radio. We are a non-profit initiative and highly appreciate all forms of support. Sending love to our patrons!

Tīrkultūra is an interdisciplinary contemporary culture platform working mainly through the medium of sound. We are an independent, listener supported and non-profit online radio station, based in Riga, Latvia. Our streaming radio platform is available live, free of charge, over the web, 24/7. You can also hear us weekly on Latvian National Radio 3 weekly.

Our mission is to enrich and inspire the development of culture in Latvia and showcase the art of sound in the context of contemporary art.

Tīrkultūra is also recognised as a producer of live visual sound sessions in the form of White Wall concert sessions presented at partnership venues in Latvia, as well as a biannual series of Unexpected Sources. Both events aim to merge visual art with the art of sound opening up the platform to local and international artists.

IDA Radio is an independent cultural platform that operates as an online radio and event producer.

It was first founded in Tallinn, Estonia on May 1st 2018 and re-established in Helsinki, Finland in 2020.

Our mission is to offer a platform to local talent to showcase their creation; enrich the local media-sphere & create an uncensored space for expression of thought; create a physical space to connect people with similar mindsets to start new dialogues & collaborations

Contribute to cultural export by creating an online archive of shows, inviting international guests & organising different collaboration projects.

You can listen to live shows & explore the archives at