Article: ‘Things We (Can) Do Together: Independent Community Radio and its Fuzzy Networks’


‘“We have no idea what’s gonna happen, but let’s see,” are the opening words of the Independent Community Radio Network broadcast from IDA Radio, Helsinki studio. With this phrase, the uncertainty that goes into maintaining a small-scale independent media practice finds its way into the content: even if the phrase describes the sometimes funny, sometimes poetic, and sometimes truly existential nature of independent radio practice, the leap of faith taken when going on air is real. More than just a doubt, it is also an invitation; a call for the listener to take that leap together. “Let’s see” – namely, let’s see what can be the alternative ways of working, playing, and hosting together.’

Network member and PhD researcher Ieva Gudaitytė summarises ICRNs activity from 2022, published on Europe and Me.

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